Monday, 8 December 2008

Virgin Killer

You are currently unable to edit pages on Wikipedia.

You can still read pages, but cannot edit, change, or create them.

Editing from (your account, IP address, or IP address range) has been disabled by Lucasbfr for the following reason(s): <-- This is the IP of the filter which I view wikipedia through.

I am not able to edit wikipedia because one of the million people viewing it through the same ip filter as me vandalised as article and was banned. I found out this censorship was the reason. Maybe if you want to help abused children you could find a way that doesn't mean sitting in a comfy chair fiddling with 1's and 0's and patting yourself on the back.

Statement by "IWF":

"IWF statement regarding Wikipedia URL
IWF is the UK’s internet ‘Hotline’ for the public and IT professionals to report potentially illegal online content within our remit. We work in partnership with the online industry, law enforcement, government, the education sector, charities, international partners and the public to minimise the availability of this content, specifically, child sexual abuse content hosted anywhere in the world and criminally obscene and incitement to racial hatred content hosted in the UK. We are an independent self-regulatory body, funded by the EU and the wider online industry, including internet service providers, mobile operators and manufacturers, content service providers, filtering companies, search providers, trade associations and the financial sector as well as other organisations that support us for corporate social responsibility reasons.

We help internet service providers and hosting companies to combat abuse of their networks through our national ‘notice and take-down’ service which alerts them to potentially illegal content within our remit on their systems and we provide unique data to law enforcement partners in the UK and abroad to assist investigations into the distributers of potentially illegal online content. As sexually abusive images of children are primarily hosted abroad, we facilitate the industry-led initiative to protect users from inadvertent exposure to this content by blocking access to it through our provision of a dynamic list of child sexual abuse URLs.

A Wikipedia web page, was reported through the IWF’s online reporting mechanism in December 2008. As with all child sexual abuse reports received by our Hotline analysts, the image was assessed according to the UK Sentencing Guidelines Council (page 109). The content was considered to be a potentially illegal indecent image of a child under the age of 18, but hosted outside the UK. The IWF does not issue takedown notices to ISPs or hosting companies outside the UK, but we did advise one of our partner Hotlines abroad and our law enforcement partner agency of our assessment. The specific URL (individual webpage) was then added to the list provided to ISPs and other companies in the online sector to protect their customers from inadvertent exposure to a potentially illegal indecent image of a child."

I had not realized that wikipedia (The free encylcopedia) is a hive of child sexual abuse and a den for pedophiles.

to IWF: Wikipedia is a website for people that are like to read and learn things, studying, or writing. You are not helping the world or sexually abused children by censoring it. Realize you have become robots and by following your protocols you're actually worsening the planet for everyone.

This is how all Authoritarian/Stalinist governments work.
First they choose to censor something that most people would find reasonable to censor, such as the image of a naked child.
Before you know it, all wikipedia pages relating to opposition politicians and opposition parties will also be unavailable.
I see IWF are 'supported' by both the Home Office and the Dept of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, enough said !

For people like Berlusconi the world will always be open and free. He can get on a jet and talk to his friends in Australia in person. For the rest of us, the internet will be what Berlusconi and his ilk allow us to have and see. And yes this is a small step, but there have been hundreds of little steps that add up.

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